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The MiniFaceLift ™ is a minimally invasive procedure that treats the face and neck using bi-polar radio frequency technology with very little pain and downtime. The results are comparable to a facelift without the downtime and cost. Facial contouring, skin tightening, fine line and wrinkle reduction can be achieved in one treatment. Additionally, this procedure can reduce and even eliminate unwanted fat on the face and neck.  Sagging of the skin on face and neck can be eliminated in one treatment. The skin on average is tightened by 37%! You can look younger in a weekend without the risk and expense of major surgery, without being put to sleep and without disrupting your life. Do the MiniFaceLift™ on Friday and be back to work on Monday

Eight  Reasons to Choose the MiniFaceLift ™ at Aesthetic Medicine

  1. Permanent  sculpting with skin tightening with just one treatment
  2. Do the MiniFaceLift ™  on Friday and you are  back to work on Monday
  3. The MiniFaceLift ™ is a trademarked procedure only available at Aesthetic Medicine
  4. Over 10,000  procedures performed in the last 10 years by Dr. Zawacki
  5. The MiniFaceLiftt ™ is performed under local anesthesia not general anesthesia 
  6. Achieve incredible results without invasive surgery at a fraction of the cost
  7. You can look ten years younger in one day with minimum pain and downtime
  8. Nationally Certified Facility
  9. Gives a more natural result unlike plastic surgery

MiniFaceLift™ Results


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