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Collagen is what gives the face a full, youthful appearance. As collagen levels drop while you age, you can start to notice deep lines in your face. At Aesthetic Medicine, we offer Juvederm dermal filler in Portland as a solution to help restore missing collagen and give your face back its youthful fullness.

What Is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that takes on a gel-like consistency. When injected into areas that have lost fullness and elasticity, Juvederm corrects facial wrinkles and folds, with results that last up to one year.

Is Juvederm Safe?

Dr. Darm is committed to the safety and efficacy of all treatments offered at Aesthetic Medicine, and Juvederm is an FDA-approved, safe treatment option for people suffering from lines and wrinkles. This filler is made from hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar found naturally in the body. Hyaluronic acid pulls moisture into the tissue around it, and this adds fullness to the skin. It also triggers collagen production, allowing the results to last.

Instant, Predictable Results

At Aesthetic Medicine, we offer Juvederm treatment because of its instant, natural-looking results. When you come to our office for Juvederm injections, you will be able to see improvement in the volume and contours of your face the same day. As collagen production improves, your results will also improve, but you will notice changes the same day as your treatment.

Is Juvederm Right for You?

Juvederm works on all skin colors and types. It treats moderate to severe wrinkles, folds, and sunken areas on the face. If you are curious to learn more about Juvederm, contact our Portland office. Let us help you determine if non-invasive Juvederm injections are the right choice for your aesthetic goals.

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