Wrinkle Reducers

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Wrinkle Reducing Options in Portland

Many wrinkle reducers work by relaxing the muscles of the face. These muscles can pull the skin, creating deep lines and wrinkles. Lines on the forehead, crow’s feet, and smile or frown lines are all common types of wrinkles that respond well to our Portland injectable treatments. Other wrinkle reducers add fillers to reduce the look of deep lines and creases.

Aesthetic Medicine believes in offering our Portland clients a number of options to perfectly target different areas of the body. Whether you are trying to reduce deep frown lines, smile lines around the mouth or eyes, or forehead wrinkles, our treatments offer effective solutions. Treatment options include Botox, Dysport, and Jeauveau.

No matter which product you choose, the results will be similar. The differences between the three wrinkle reducers lie in the potency of trace proteins. Each of these treatments is a simple, non-invasive injectable treatment that causes no more discomfort than a vaccination. They require no downtime, so you can return to work or other responsibilities the same day you receive treatment. The results are fast and last between three and four months.

What to Expect from Wrinkle Reducing Treatment at Aesthetic Medicine?

Wrinkle reducing injections from Aesthetic Medicine are simple and fast. When you come for your appointment, our team will assess the area to be treated and help you choose the right injectable product. We will then expertly inject the medication into your skin, relaxing your facial muscles to reduce your lines and wrinkles. You will walk out with a more youthful appearance and no need for downtime.

To learn more about wrinkle reducers in Portland, schedule a private consultation with Aesthetic Medicine.

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