• I have only had Botox, but was extremely happy with the ability to pay ahead to get a discount. I then just used the units of Botox as needed. Great job.

    Joy Woodall Avatar
    Joy Woodall

    I had a great experience from my first consultation through my procedure here. I am very pleased with the results and so glad to be rid of my bulging belly!

    Karen Hansen Avatar
    Karen Hansen

    Excellent staff. Would highly recommend this clinic.

    Ron & Shelby Williams Avatar
    Ron & Shelby Williams

    Amazing experience they were very nice always on time and seemed to actually care about your experience and expectations. I would highly recommend them

    Camille Garrison Avatar
    Camille Garrison

    I had dark spots on my face lightened, it was a week ago today and I see see the spots are lighter already. The gal who did the treatment was Fabulous!

    Debra Pulley Avatar
    Debra Pulley

    5 star ratingOk...,had a huge scar removed and the "Darm" team stepped up. I knew exactly what to expect and even though there was pain they made it as tolerable as possible .If you get two things done it's almost half the second

    Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.

    Had a very positive experience with Dr Darm, Dr. "Z" and the entire staff at Aesthetic Medicine. They were all friendly, professional and supportive. Plus they made my gut and love handles disappear. What a deal...

    Matthew Kenney Avatar
    Matthew Kenney

    I was very happy with my care at Aesthetic Medicine. The facial was wonderful and relaxing.

    J. Ilana Bradford Avatar
    J. Ilana Bradford

    I mostly utilize the fillers. Great prices and the "injector" doctor has a great eye for aesthetics. Very friendly, down to earth, and knows his stuff. I get so many compliments from friends after a session with Aesthetic Medicine Spa/Clinic. I'll keep going back.

    Beverly Heffington Avatar
    Beverly Heffington

    He listened to my concerns and i was very impressed on how fast I could get in!

    Rachel Cortesphillips Avatar
    Rachel Cortesphillips

    5 star ratingThe staff at Aesthetic Medicine are friendly and helpful. The facility is also clean and nicely decorated.

    Michael S. Avatar
    Michael S.

    Friendly staff and quality treatments!

    Kristy Giles Avatar
    Kristy Giles
  • I had a great experience at Aesthetic medicine! The staff was incredibly forthcoming with explaining each procedure I was interested in. Salma was especially helpful in addressing my concerns at our consultation. I can’t wait for my next appointment with her!

    Samar El Youssef Avatar
    Samar El Youssef

    I was very impressed from the first contact til the minute I walked out the door. Everyone was extremely efficient and very informative. Mercedes was delightful.

    Deborah May Avatar
    Deborah May

    Great staff — great skincare line!

    Stacy Matsuda Avatar
    Stacy Matsuda

    Dr Darm and his staff provided excellent service. I feel confident in his and his staff's skill and experience. I have been very happy with the results and will be back in the future.Sincerely,LizPortland, Oregon

    Liz Bounds Avatar
    Liz Bounds

    Great people alway do a goid job

    Sheila Flores Avatar
    Sheila Flores

    I like their professionalism good taste great service and fair pricing.

    Victoria golfer Avatar
    Victoria golfer

    Had an excellent treatment. Kind, friendly staff.

    Johanna Courtleigh Avatar
    Johanna Courtleigh

    I love this place, very professional team from front to back office.I have been going there for over 7 years. Dr Jason is an artist, he cares a lot about his patients’s comfort and satisfaction. Top notch customer service. Love you guys!

    Viviane Yaacoub Avatar
    Viviane Yaacoub

    I've gone in for Botox injections. Was nervous and scared at first, but it is done very efficiently and professionally. Honestly, it was over almost before I realized it had begun! A few little pinches and it's over. I've now gone in three times and will continue to go.

    Kathy McElderry Avatar
    Kathy McElderry

    Dr. Darm's office has a great staff. Friendly, willing to answer questions, etc.

    Christie Gahan Avatar
    Christie Gahan

    pretty happy with results

    Judy Vanderzanden Avatar
    Judy Vanderzanden

    The facility is beautiful and the staff was super friendly. Thank you for the professionalism and speedy information-not only in person, but on the phone.

    K. Amanda Stanton Avatar
    K. Amanda Stanton
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